Peeling is a treatment using a chemical solution that is applied on the skin to cause natural exfoliation and, thus, cell renewal. Depending on the penetration of the solution into the skin, peelings are identified according to the following categories: superficial peelings, medium peelings and deep peelings. The peeling choice depends on the initial pathology.

Superficial peeling

The superficial peeling is the lightest, without social restriction for the patient. This professional treatment mainly contains mild acids (AHA and BHA). It is ideal for dull skin without luminosity, skin with irregularities, as well as acne-prone skin with enlarged pores. Repeated application of the peeling is recommended in order to obtain an optimal result. Patients can resume their activities straight after the treatment.

150 CHF / per session

(For optimal results 4 sessions,
2 weeks apart are proposed)

Stimulation and regeneration peeling

This type of peeling penetrates more deeply compared to the superficial peeling. It is ideal for skin showing signs of premature skin aging, pigment spots and melasma. This treatment causes exfoliation of the skin for about 5 to 7 days. A skin preparation program with high-end products will be provided before performing the peeling for optimal results.

400 CHF / per session